Travellers of the World

FREEDOMDAY designs jackets, down jackets, parkas, vests for men, women and children. For the 2020/2021 season, inspiration continues to be inspired by the idea of ​​travel and a lifestyle on the move, just like the Travelers of the World. All travelers, urban explorers, lovers of outdoor activities and anyone who dreams of living daily commuting as a unique experience in terms of style and performance, choose our outerwear. All duvets and protective vests protect from the cold of winter and always stand out for their contemporary design.

Black Label & Red Label

Discover the Junior and New Born collections by Freedomday

The Junior and New Born collections of jackets and down jackets are designed for the youngest travelers, budding explorers to guarantee total comfort and protection for the colder seasons, during activities outside the home. An assortment of jackets and down jackets to guarantee all the freedom of movement they need, without sacrificing an innovative and functional design.

Men's Collection 20-21 - Red Label


The FREEDOMDAY assortment of jackets and down jackets was created to give a new outdoor experience in the name of style and functionality. The men’s and women’s collections offer a wide range of down jackets, jackets, parkas and sleeveless jackets, from minimal and essential looks to more sophisticated and eccentric ones, to satisfy every taste and allow you to express your identity in total freedom. Each model is characterized by the utmost attention to protection and comfort during outdoor moments, while the style is made unique by signature details such as the photographic print present inside most of the outerwear, which gives personality to the models by celebrating the outdoor passion of the wearer. The Junior and New Born collections offer the most iconic FREEDOMDAY models in a junior version, specifically designed for the needs of the little ones. Jackets and down jackets for children born to protect from the cold and transform outdoor activities into an experience of comfort and fun without sacrificing style and originality.